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Key PR Terms

Public Relations (PR) is the art of creating and maintaining positive relationships with the media and the public. At MMC, we call it an art because it takes special care, creativity, and commitment to create relationships that are successful and everlasting. This requires the ability to carefully build significant and lasting relationships with everyone from the media to the public.  Your image, which public relations helps you establish and present to the world, is portrayed by the media and then interpreted by the public.  It is the job of our media relations consultants to consistently make sure that your message is exactly what you want and exactly what the public receives.

Some key terms that are important in PR include the following:

Every person and company has certain qualities that make up who they are.  These qualities are special and unique and help to form your image.  This image is how you are presented to the public.  Everything from employees, to location, to the clients you serve, and the logo you use will affect this appearance.  It is the job of our media relations consultants to consistently make sure your image is portrayed to your likeness and clearly and accurately represents your company.  Our media relations consultants help you to maintain and improve this image that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Name Recognition
An important part of public relations is making sure your targeted audience consistently knows who you are.  In order to bring your company to the next level, the public needs to know and recognize your company and services.  Our media relations consultants use the media, as well as other outlets to get your name out there and make your audience aware of who you are. 

Public Relations communicates a message to the public through media outlets that are perceived as being credible and unbiased.  A well developed PR plan promotes “newsworthy” stories, rather than paid advertisements. For example, an editorial endorsement obtained through a public relations campaign, or the personal testimonial attained by speaking on the local radio or television show gives your company the opportunity to borrow authority from the medium.  This aura of favorable association with the media is a significant part of the corporate and product image we want to promote.

One thing that separates PR from advertising is that we don’t just get your name heard; we get your message understood.  While it is important to get your name known, it is essential that your audience sees or hears your name and thinks positively about your company, product, or service.  If the public knows your name but has no idea who you are or whether your company is reliable, they will most likely choose a company that they know more about. 

As a PR agency, it is our job to make sure that your company is not overlooked.  Our goal is to make sure that your message is portrayed clearly and effectively.  We want your audience to not only know your company, we want your audience to use your company’s products or services because of the positive messages they have received from the media.

One Voice 
To establish a clear message it is essential to speak with one voice.  This means that the image your company wants to portray is the same image that we will portray. Our media relations consultants will make sure this image is revealed by the media and understood by your targeted audience.  In order to speak with one voice, we need to know and understand your company. Our goal is to work with you to develop one voice that best encapsulates your message to the media and to the public.

It is important in PR to manage and maintain relationships with those you interact with—your customers, your employees, the media, and the public.  Relationships are based on trust, understanding, and communication.  Your company needs to trust that we will maintain your reputation. Because communication is critical to the success of relationships, good public relations means great communication on both fronts – both our agency and your company - that establishes what is important to your company as well as its target audiences.

A truly successful PR campaign is one that consistently builds relationships over time. With constant repetition from mass media coverage, your corporate and personal name (i.e., John Doe) will become synonymous with the word "EXPERT.” Once our media relations consultants have established your image, name recognition, and expertise, the ultimate goal is to build upon this to transition into more business for your company.