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What We Do

MMC offers a full range of public relations services and much more. Our team at MMC can help you drive bottom-line results from your critical business assignments, including:

Brand Positioning
Every contact your organization makes with customers, employees, vendors, regulators, the media and other audiences becomes an enduring part of your brand image: your reputation. We’ll help you build, maintain and protect your brand, project a positive public image and differentiate you from the competition.

Brands have the power to create value that expand beyond traditional measures such as sales and revenue. While often associated solely with products, branding brings value to business-to-business services, technology, health and other organizations, and can even impact the valuation of a company’s equities. Public relations techniques that establish or enhance a brand are one of our hallmarks.

Media Relations
Effective media relations are critical to ensuring that your organization’s profile and operating priorities are accurately understood by your key audiences. MMC maintains strong, active relationships with local, regional, national and global media outlets, and we have the experience and technology to successfully manage editorial outreach, press conferences, media tours, and special events.

Media, Legal and HR Training
We provide comprehensive media, communications, and presentation training as well as Human Resources and legal training:

Media, Communications and Presentation Training

In our media training programs you will learn how to make your product or service newsworthy, how to develop media relationships, and how to make the most of an interview, presentation, or communication. You will also reduce the possibility of negative coverage and become better able to manage crises. With years of experience on both sides of a news interview, MMC trainers will show you how to make your entire organization more media-friendly, so that you can maximize your positive exposure in print, radio, TV and online sources. Whether you are conducting an interview with a reporter, addressing a conference room of sales prospects or delivering a keynote address at an important event, we will show you how to improve your performance both verbally and in writing.

Before you deliver your next presentation, face your next media interview, or prepare for your next professional communication, ensure your success with MMC’s Media, Communications, and Presentation Training. Click on the following attached PDF to learn more.


Human Resources & Legal Training

The question is not if your organizations’ understanding of employment law will be tested – it's when. Today, more than ever, employers must have the knowledge and skills to navigate through the maze of federal and state employment laws that govern the workplace. Making costly mistakes is easy if you don't understand the complexities of, and interplay within, the ADA, FMLA, FLSA and other employment laws. To allow employers to conduct business free from fear of lawsuits or employee retaliation, MMC’s trainers have designed Human Resources and Legal trainings on everyday workplace areas of increasing regulation and litigation.

To ensure your Company’s successful compliance with the current maze of federal and state employment laws that govern the workplace, click on the following attached PDF to schedule one of MMC’s Human Resources & Legal Training sessions for you and your employees.


Issues Management
If reaching your communications goal means garnering broad support from industry colleagues, the public, editorial boards, or other issue allies, we have the experience and the technology to organize and execute your campaign. We’ll set your strategy, assist you in writing your messages, and manage the outreach to like-minded individuals and organizations in order to promote and protect your interests.

Crisis Management
A crisis can be a defining moment for an organization’s reputation and often strikes when a company is least prepared.  Crises can be caused by accidents, scandals, hostile takeovers, product recalls, strikes, death and many other causes. No organization is risk free. A well-earned reputation can be lost overnight if a crisis is badly handled. Therefore, it is essential that organizations plan and prepare thoroughly for crises. MMC has the skills and expertise to guide their clients through the proper actions to take when an unexpected crisis arises.

MMC’s management of crisis situations begins with a quick but thorough assessment of the facts and potential vulnerabilities. Next, we create a step by step crisis response plan and a plan to remediate the damage once the crisis has passed. Our experience spans business-to-business, investor, and consumer crises such as product recalls, attacks on product integrity, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, earnings surprises, and management changes, among others. We strategically manage client crises to resolution, communicating as appropriate with both internal and external audiences.

The following attached .PDF is a brief, immediate-response plan that MMC has developed to help their clients through these crisis situations. We recommend that our clients execute these steps with compassion, alacrity, accuracy, and responsibility to effectively manage a PR crisis and ensure their company’s credibility and reputation.


Litigation Public Relations
When a high-profile case is in litigation, managing public advocacy in the media is critical to the final outcome. Appropriate handling of the litigation in the press can help to diminish and even eliminate the business disruption caused by current or threatened legal actions, as well as influence the legal outcome in the company’s best interests.

We have media relations consultants with specialized legal training who work with our clients to develop the most appropriate communications strategy, be it to engage the media, stay out of the press, or manage the media. Carefully coordinating a company’s legal strategy with all its verbal and written communications is critical to bringing about the best results when a legal action is brought.

Financial and Business Services Public Relations
Our experience spans commercial and investment banking, insurance, mutual funds, institutional asset management, commercial finance and private banking.  We have helped both large and small companies distinguish themselves, their products, and their services.  We have conducted national product launches, managed merger, acquisition and IPO communications, directed media relations programs in and out of crises, and turned company spokespersons into valued media sources.

Time-Sensitive and Special Event PR
Not looking for a full package of public relations services? MMC also develops PR programs with short-term public relations services or special event promotion tailored to the needs of small and start-up companies.

Public Relations Communications 
Clear communication is the cornerstone of any organization. If you need assistance in developing correspondence, reports, proposals and procedures to improve your personal and corporate productivity, achieve intended results, improve clarity, and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public – we can help you. For a separate fee, MMC regularly creates customized documents to meet our clients’ specific needs. For example, we can help you write various business documents, from research reports, marketing materials, e-mail correspondence, memos, or any other document type, developed based on writing samples provided by the client.